Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Voting Guide for May 2016 - Here come the Judges

Last post in my voter guide for this election! I'll follow up with the "summary", now that I've been through the whole ballot.

For Judge, Superior Court of the Griffin Judicial Circuit
Update: I was leaning towards Sanderson, but I have learned a few things this morning. First, her campaign has apparently included some smear and false claims. I'm still researching this, but I have no patience for dirty campaigning. Second, looking over her Facebook page, she seems to strongly lean towards progressive, left-leaning causes. I want my judges to be Constitutionalists, not progressives. 
Finally, I ran across an online interview where she was asked about her proudest moment in her career. She cited a case where she got an appeals court to override sodomy charges against two sixteen year old lovers on the grounds that they had an "expectation of privacy" for their activities despite being in someone else's home. For the details on this case she linked to an activist website run by people who are all about overturning sodomy laws worldwide. Now, as a libertarian-minded person, I'm not a huge supporter of sodomy laws, but as a parent, I'm not a huge fan of teens sneaking in sex in other people's homes. My big problem is that she called this her proudest court accomplishment.

For Judge, Superior Court of the Griffin Judicial Circuit

For Judge of Magistrate Court Post 1

Again, can’t find much on either candidate, but it's a challenger against an appointed incumbent. I'm going with the challenger.

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