Wednesday, October 26, 2016

No Choice 2016

A good friend from church sent me a forwarded email, one of those "Trump is bad but still have to vote against him to stop Hillary" things.

This was the reply I sent back to him:

(My friend's name), you have to vote how you think is best, but I believe that a vote for Trump is no better than a vote for Clinton. I believe that the two of them have been friends for years, and they have conspired to present us with this illusion of a choice. I have seen that their daughters remain "besties" even as Trump and Hillary fight it out for the cameras. Both have used the "charitable" foundations bearing their names to trade favors under the table. Both have claimed to be Christian, but when asked to actually describe any Christian point of view, can only either spout talking points or make a mockery of it. 
I will not vote for Hillary. And I will not vote for the con man that is Hillary's friend, even when he pretends otherwise.

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