Friday, July 22, 2016

An Election Dream

Maybe it's a dream, or a parable, or maybe just the invention of my wild imagination... 

Picture a D&D-type setting, if you will. Two great dragons are preparing to battle for dominion over the land. But rather than fight directly, each is recruiting armies of supporters from the land's population.

One dragon is Neutral Evil. She claims to be Lawful, but her misdeeds are well known, in spite of the fact that bards dare not speak of them and no one has the courage to hold her accountable.

The other dragon challenging her is Chaotic Evil. He has claimed a recent conversion to Good, but this dragon has a reputation for deceit, and everyone knows that a dragon doesn't change their scales easily. Besides, before this contest began, this dragon was best of friends with the other.

I am but a low level Paladin. Lawful and Good. I have friends who have tried to convince me to side with one dragon or the other. Some say that the Chaotic dragon will be less of a danger to the innocent people of the world than the True Evil dragon. Others say, no, the Chaotic dragon is more dangerous.

I know that, in truth, no one can know which is the greater danger. The nature of Chaos is to be unpredictable. And I know that whichever dragon wins, it will be Evil.
So, do I throw in with either dragon? Do I look for another way, knowing that the odds are against me?

Or do I hope against all hope that by staying true to my alignment that my Deity will see me through?

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