Saturday, October 24, 2015

Three Possible Races

We're deep in the Presidential primary season for next year. Some candidates have dropped out already, most are still standing. I believe there are currently sixty possible final face-offs between Democrat and Republican that we might see next year.

I'd like to focus on just a few. I call them the "Not Again" race, two "This Should Be Good" races, and the "What The...?" race.

Not Again

I've been around nearly four decades now. I cannot remember a full four-year term when a person named Bush or Clinton was either President, or working directly for the President. From the first time I remember knowing anything about the country, George H. W. Bush was Vice President. Then, he was President. He was followed by Clinton. Who was followed by Bush. Who was followed by... some guy who hired another Clinton as Secretary of State. I am tired of Bush and Clinton. I don't particularly trust either one of them. I don't believe that either one actually represents the ideals of the voters who support their party. Bush will run on a platform of "We need to keep Clinton from winning, she's a crook", and Hillary will run on a platform of "We need to keep Bush from winning, and first woman president."  I do personally believe that Hillary is both a crook and a woman, and I'm still not inspired by either message. Both of them will tell you exactly what they think you want to hear, and the only way you'll ever catch either of them being honest is if we catch them when they think no one is recording. Please, America. No more Bushes or Clintons. It is time for this two-family dynasty to retire to the history books.

This Should Be Good

What do Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Bernie Sanders all have in common? They are all showing themselves to be principled and honest. You may disagree with their principles, you may believe that they are honestly wrong, whenever they talk, you can be sure that what they are saying is what they truly believe. Sanders believes in the principles of socialism, through and through. Cruz believes completely that the Constitution works if only we would follow it, and that freedom of conscience needs to be defended. Ben Carson is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: an "ordinary hero" who just wants to do his duty to God and country. Can you imagine, a race where politicians are really competing on their ideas? Either race, Cruz v. Sanders or Carson v. Sanders, would be a huge breath of fresh air, and maybe pull up the popcorn.

What the...?

Okay, this race is no longer possible, since one of the candidates dropped out four days ago. But, consider Trump vs. Webb. I don't believe Trump is really a Republican or a Conservative. I am surprised that Webb is a Democrat, he certainly doesn't seem to fit with many of the radical progressives in his party. Maybe they'll both run independent and cancel each other out.

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Unknown said...

I would love to see Carson get the bid, because he is a man of integrity & Godly principles. He doesn't tell whoever he's in front of what they want to hear, like Hilary. You feel his sincere honesty & can't help respecting him. Oh yeah & he's brilliant! Webb won't make it, but he's the only Democrat I could stomach.