Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I voted today! Have you voted yet?

Here's just a quick one-page cheat-sheet version of my voting guide, I printed this out and brought it to the ballot box this morning:

Public Service Commissioner 1: Chuck Eaton
Public Service Commissioner 2: Pam Davidson
House of Representatives: Kent Kingsley

Sheriff: Barry Babb
Tax Commissioner: George Wingo

County Commissioner 1: Charles W. Oddo
County Commissioner 2: David Barlow
County Commissioner 3: Randy C. Ognio

Board of Education 1: Barry Marchman
Board of Education 2: Mary Kay Bacallo

State Court: Carla McMillian
Magistrate Court: Jason B. Thompson

Gambling: No
Ending unlimited gifts: Yes
Gun licenses for young military: Yes
Closing primaries: No
Personhood: No

Package sales: Yes

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