Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Tale of Two Military Actions

President George W. Bush: Attacked Iraq after obtaining Congressional approval, UN resolutions, and an international coalition.

President Barak Obama: Attacked Libya with no Congressional approval, no UN resolutions, no international coalition.

President Bush was roasted in the media for "unilaterally" starting an "illegal" war by attacking a country that "didn't attack us first". Now we've got a president who really has done the very thing he accused his predecessor of doing. Will Obama face half the criticism Bush did?

Now, I'm not altogether certain what the right move in Libya would be. Certainly doing nothing isn't the right move: When France of all countries is doing more to stand up to a dictator than we are, something's wrong. Maybe attacking their military facilities is the right thing in this case. But after this, maybe Obama supporters should think twice before talking about Bush's "illegal" war.

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