Friday, February 18, 2011

On Sesame Street

One of the big items on the discussion table for Federal budget cuts is NPR. Those in favor of NPR are talking about it as "de-funding Sesame Street".

Well, let's look at Sesame Street a moment. I think that if there's a single NPR production that could survive without tax money to help, it would be the show with the Big Bird. Sesame Street is a huge international franchise, and the money made on Elmo toys alone must be worth a sizable fortune.

Here's my devil's advocate question: Do they really need the money they get from our taxes? Or can they get along without it?

We get upset when Wall Street gets tax money, especially when it goes to people who can clearly do without. Why don't we hold Sesame Street up to the same standard? Is it because it's "for the children"? Or is it the cute and cuddly monsters?

I'm not saying that Sesame Street isn't a good cause. They do their job very well, educating and entertaining. But does every good cause need to be directly supported by taxpayer money? That's all I'm saying.

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