Thursday, December 10, 2009

State and Federal

Our Federal politicians love to talk about how much they support education. They talk about all the money they want to throw at the states for special education projects. And the price for states that want to take that money is, they have to comply with certain Federal regulations.

But, per the Constitution (10th Amendment), education should be in the States' ballpark.

Want to take a wag at how much of the education money spent in Georgia comes from the Federal level?

3%. That's right. Just 3%.

Now, want to take a guess at how much of the overhead rules and regulations dropped on our teachers come from the Federal level?


That's right. A mere 3% of the state's education money comes from the Federal government. And the price for that is, 90% of the overhead our educators have to deal with.

At what point do we decide it's worth getting rid of the 3% to be free of the 90%?

Just a thought.

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